IFS Product Overview

Why Do we need Air Valves ?

Loss of Efficiency

Air takes up space in the pipeline leaving less space for water meaning we either have to pump longer or harder to meet the pipeline demand

Air Locks

Air builds up and because the air bubble is now the same pressure as the water around it, the water can no longer flow past the air pocket

Surge And Water Hammer

Air in pipelines can be responsible for the cause and increase in surge and waterhammer events. Air pockets are basically pressurised springs waiting to react to a sudden change in pressure air can move through pipeline up to 7 times faster then water. As a result they will expand and contract faster than water can react and cause sudden changes in velocity

Higher Energy Costs

If Air is taking up space in the pipeline it is adding extra resistance to the pipeline, this means that the pump now has to work off its best efficiency point to meet the pipeline demand which means more electricity and higher costs

Growth of Organic Material

Anywhere that air is present has the potential to cause organic growth and organic growth can lead to the damage of coatings and linings and lead to corosion of the pipe

Internal Corrosion

If Air is present in a pipeline you have the potential for corrosion air will exploit any weakness in a coating and lining and lead to corrosion from inside the pipeline that will only become known once it has completely penetrated the pipeline wall